Ship Ahoy Now Supporting Oculus Rift

Developer OKAM Studios have announced that their virtual reality (VR) pirate title about dominating the seas now supports the Oculus Rift unit.

Ship Ahoy

The news comes direct from the developers posting on the Steam page for Ship Ahoy. This means that now the title can be played with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift opening the doors to even more players jumping into the open beta. The indie studio based in Argentina have been working hard on their first multiplayer VR title for some time now, having released into open beta on Steam last month. Currently, Ship Ahoy offers players a chance to jump into a death match against players to see who is the best pirate of all, along with a number of single player mini games.

Ship Ahoy

Originally released with support for the HTC Vive, the now included support for Oculus Rift was a no-brained given it allows for more players to access the title. In the recent Steam Hardware and Software Survey, the Oculus Rift was the most popular VR headset of choice with a 49.26% of the market share. With that in mind, OKAM Studios are sure to see an increase in their player count thanks to the added support for the VR unit. The team have said that they are working on a PlayStation VR version as well but so far there are no updates on when that might happen.

Ship Ahoy is currently in an open beta state on Steam and is free-to-play for anyone who is interesting in trying it out. In his preview of the title, Peter Graham, Senior Staff Writer at VRFocus said: “Ship Ahoy has the makings of great, family friendly shooter. Where you can engage in some nautical combat that isn’t going to make you unwell. The videogame is somewhat sparse of certain elements and features but that’s not to say these won’t come in time. For its first VR videogame OKAM Studio is already doing a lot better than others, so hopefully the final title will stay afloat rather than meeting a watery end.”

For more on Ship Ahoy and the developers as OKAM Studio, keep reading VRFocus.