Satirical Puzzler Salary Man Escape Due to hit PlayStation VR in May

PlayStation VR puzzle fans will have a new virtual reality (VR) title to look forward to in May with Chinese developer RAS announcing its first experience for the headset, a satire infused videogame called Salary Man Escape.

Salary Man - Screenshot

Reminiscent of titles like Lemmings, Waddle Home and Danger Goat, Salary Man Escape is all about helping the titular character escape his boring life. Developer RAS has chosen to do this by way of a block puzzler, where players have to solve the various challenges though the manipulation of bricks and platforms to get Salaryman to the exit.

All the puzzles in Salary Man Escape utilise a mixture of physics-based properties like weight, balance and force. There are 78 in total, split across six chapters which the studio claims should provide around eight hours of gameplay.

On the PlayStation Blog, Micheal Ren, producer at RAS explained the teams inspiration for the experience:

“We started out with the idea of grabbing things in VR, with special attention paid towards the depth and volume of the 3D space. With this as a basis, our Lead Designer Michael Michael (aka MM) worked on a prototype puzzle game, which we were instantly attached to.

“With the theme and graphics, we tried many different concepts that matched the gameplay. Some concepts were having a tiny robot escape a mechanical city, a little spider escaping a furious human, and 80’s electronics gadgets running away from being “retired”.

“There was something to love from all these concepts, but ultimately none stood out enough. Then one day, the Lead Artist Yu Jian Wei casually compared the difficulty of the game to the daily grind of a Salary Man, and that image of a suffering worker just stuck with us. We created some early concepts, and the rest was history.”

Salary Man - Screenshot

Salary Man Escape will be released for PlayStation VR on 23rd May, 2018, and will be available in the following 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simple & Traditional), Korean and Japanese. VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR, reporting back with the latest releases.