Resorts World Birmingham Welcomes VR To The Vortex

No matter where you are or where you go the use of virtual reality (VR) in particular among the immersive technologies continues to grow in the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) market. It’s something that the site follows very regularly as part of its semi-regular The Virtual Arena column, through it we’ve seen that not only VR related rides and experiences on both a small and large scale are continuously being developed for market across the venue spectrum, ranging from arcades to casinos.

Standalone VR specialist venues, arenas and so forth have also seen a surge of popularity. With new businesses founded and locations large and small being revealed across America, Europe, Asia and beyond. In the UK there are now multiple locations within the London area hosting The VOID and popular experience Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire. Then back in February we covered how BANDAI NAMCO are spearheading their own mini-push within the industry. Teaming with existing locations, such as those operated by the chain Hollywood Bowl and bringing to those VR Zone Portal – a smaller scale spin-off of its own VR Zone location in Japan.

It’s not just within the capital that you can find VR arcades and spaces, however. A new VR business is opening in England’s second city Birmingham. Birmingham is no stranger to VR, having already The VR Hub on Gibb Street and Matrix VR Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade and Cinema at the famous Custard Factory venue. Not to mention being the home to a number of VR related companies, such as Holosphere VR.

Now the UK-based Immotion Group, which raised £1.3 Million back in December and that specialises in location-based VR have revealed they are going to be adding to this with a new VR centre in Birmingham, called Vortex Arena, which has been installed in the ground floor of Resorts World Birmingham making the third Vortex destination within the retail space.

“We’re delighted to work with Resorts World and provide them with our range of highly immersive VR experiences and motion platforms.” Said Martin Higginson, Executive Chairman of Immotion Group. “Players will be able to experience the delights of virtual reality first hand. From the thrills of roller coaster rides to deep sea diving, shooting zombies, to intergalactic motorcycle racing.”

You can see a teaser trailer, which shows off 3Glasses branded headsets being used at the venue, below.