Prepare For An Intense Dose Of Immersive Technology At Future Tech Now

Virtual reality (VR) truly is global. Everywhere you look around the world you can now find immersive technology shows, expos, conferences, hackathons and other contests. From the Americas to Europe, from Asia to even Africa, but when it comes to tech shows you can always expect ones in countries that consider themselves tech hubs, and the UK is one such country.

Technology enthusiasts also don’t have to wait that long for the next event, with the Future Tech Now Show, coming from the Business Design Centre in London, set to begin next week on April 5th and continue until April 7th.

“Open to the trade for two days and the public for one, Future Tech Now is no ordinary tech show.” The organisational team says in a statement. “We know that the quickest route to understanding new tech and feeling inspired by its creative potential, is to get hands-on. We give attendees the opportunity to experience it first-hand through our interactive show features, while our conference sessions and workshops give you access to experts and case studies to help understand where this tech is now, and where it’s heading.”

Immersive technology is obviously front and centre at the event but areas and technologies also include videogames, healthcare, business development, the automotive industry, robotics and the arts.  Future Tech Now have released a breakdown of the items on offer at the event and you can find that below.

VRFocus is a media partner for the event and will bring you more updates on events throughout the world very soon. If you are holding an event containing VR, AR or MR technology and are interested in VRFocus.com being a media partner for it feel free to contact us with details.

Hospital 2.0

From safer, more efficient and effective methods of surgical training, through to advancements in patient care, discover how immersive technologies are revolutionising the 21st Century medical and healthcare industries. Pioneering cancer surgeon Shafi Ahmed – who performed the world’s first operation streamed in 360-degree video – will be showcasing his new surgical simulation app in a live operation theatre.

Enterprise Hub

Featuring major companies specifically working with, or creating products for enterprise. It’s a high-level industry space (which is open on our first two show days) where we will be showcasing the amazing, new shared VR platform from Immerse and leading platforms and experiences for the future of training.

Automotive Hub

The DETC will be demoing multiple vehicle and engineering immersive experiences while Mo-Sys will use their proprietary Star Tracker technology to enable un-tethered roaming and tracking with full headset immersion in AR on the event show floor. Users will be immersed in a full AR product reveal. A world exclusive will be revealed at the show!

AI & Robotics

From job automation and self-driving vehicles to swarms and space explorers, robots will play an important role in shaping our future. We’ll explore current cutting-edge applications and discuss how to unlock the future possibilities. You can also interact with the Sandbot and Pepper Robot who will be on hand at the show to answer your questions.

Immersive Art Gallery

Moving beyond work and practical applications, immersive tech provides us with powerful new tools for creativity. Our gallery will explore how artists are using these inspiring new environments as a creative canvas. World renown fashion, music and celebrity photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya has created a Virtual Reality installation transporting the audience through art, fragrance, sound and meditation.

VR Movie House

21st Century technologies have presented powerful ways for filmmakers to bring their visions to life. From 360° films to fully immersive virtual environments, sit on our red velvet movie chairs and enter another world!

Gaming Arcade

Our event is an official partner of the London Games Festival and on Saturday the 7th we will be showcasing some of the leading AR/VR gaming experiences. As immersive technologies become a mainstream fixture of modern gaming, we highlight how this tech is helping to create richer and more detailed worlds for gamers to explore, enjoy and get lost in.

Vocktail Bar

Grab a drink at the world’s first virtual cocktail bar! Drinkers will be able to sup a ‘Vocktail’ as they are transported to the future. The brainchild of researchers at the National University of Singapore, the virtual cocktail – or Vocktail – is engineered to play with a user’s sight, smell and taste. And the clever design means drinkers believe they are trying a variety of different drinks from cocktails to wine – even if it’s just plain water in their glass.

 Fully Immersive Virtual World

A futuristic hi-tech bodysuit that is set to revolutionize the worlds of rehabilitation, business and entertainment makes its UK debut. The Teslasuit is the world’s first haptics and motion capture bodysuit consisting of clothing with a wireless computer hidden inside, providing the sensations of touch, heat and cold and capturing the motions of the entire body. Teslasuit will have three demo pods open so you can come and try it out!

Digital Fashion House

Tech and fashion are fusing in the 21st Century to blur the lines between what we use and what we wear. We’ll explore how tech is helping us design, create, purchase and get more from the clothes that we wear.

Agency Hub and the Shard Slide

Connect with a variety of industry-leading agencies and discover how brands and businesses are leveraging immersive technologies to share their brand message via world-class applications and content. Happy Finish will have a motion platform at the event, allowing attendees to ride a virtual slide around the Shard. Leading Immersive agency REWIND will be showcasing Unseen – an AR experience which brings to life Siemens’ hyper-connected workplace, the innovative work of the brand’s employees and the global impact it has.

Drone Racing

The First Person View Drone Racing Simulator will introduce visitors to Micro Drone racing – the most fun sport that is taking the world by storm – drones that are small enough to safely fly around the office with a live video feed back to the pilot hundreds of meters away.

The Micro Drone team will be on hand to let visitors try the FPV simulator and demonstrate Micro Drone 2.0+, a palm sized Drone with built in FPV Camera.