PlayStation VR Adventure Title Rangi Releasing Next Week

Rangi is a puzzle adventure title inspired by African tribal art, ancient architecture, and colourful landscapes and soon PlayStation VR players will be able to experience it.

Rangi screenshot 1

Originally set to release on PlayStation VR last month the title was delayed due to a reported mix up with Sony. The new release date has now been confirmed to be Tuesday, 6th March. Players will jump into this challenging but comfortable experience as they solve complex puzzles, explore hidden temples and revel in the joy of flight as they restore the Musiki’s stolen rhythms.

From the moment a player steps into the world of Rangi they will be greeted with stylized visuals, captivating music, and thought-provoking gameplay. With each level offering a unique artistic flavor, combining Africa’s diversity in terms of cultures and influences. Players should expect to explore a number of different environments as they take control of Guriki, a shaman, and must interact with the environment on a quest to recover the Music Giants life force. Puzzles will start of calming and accessible but soon players will need to think on their feet as puzzles becoming more complex in nature and navigating dangerous locations will add a sense of urgency to the experience.

Rangi screenshot 2

Ranji is all about the journey and the experience, meaning players are encouraged to let the music guide them and find answers within the songs. All of these elements are designed to work together to embrace the folklore inspiration and deliver a unique experience.

In VRFocus’ review of the PC version of Rangi, Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham gave it four stars, saying: “VR puzzlers can be equally entertaining and annoying at the same time, which is why they tend to have a popular following. Rangi is one of those enjoyable experiences that just works. Sure it can’t match the cinematic spectacle of FORM but then its not trying to, delivering a character all of its own.”

Rangi will be available on PlayStation VR next week, Tuesday, 6th March. You can see the latest gameplay trailer for the title below and for more on Rangi and developer Funsoft in the future, keep reading VRFocus.