Pixel Gear Gets Physical Release Thanks to Limited Run Games

PlayStation VR shooter Pixel Gear was originally launched back in 2016 by Oasis Games for digital download, but will now be getting a physical release on the console thanks to small print-run distribution specialists Limited Run Games.

Pixel Gear is a 3D shooter that uses colourful, blocky graphics to create a simple wave-based shooter where players use a range of weaponry types of take out a variety of foes, from tough robot soldiers, to towering monsters toting huge guns and owls who drop bombs on you.

Pixel Gear multiplayer image 2

A few months after launch, a mutliplayer update was launched that added in a local multiplayer option. One player would be in virtual reality (VR) with the PlayStation Move controllers, whilst opponents would be outside VR, with Dual Shock controllers, watching the action on the TV. This enables up to four players to participate, with the VR player attempting to fight off their opponents.

The physical release of Pixel Gear comes from Limited Run Games, a distributor that specialises in providing small print-runs of videogames that would otherwise only be available as digital downloads. Though mostly focussed on PlayStation console releases, the company have also done work on releasing special editions of PC titles such as Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition.

The release of Pixel Gear will be the first time that Limited Run Games has released a PlayStation VR title, which as the company says on Twitter, makes it Limited Run VR #1. There will be only be 1,800 physical copies of the title available. The physical release will go on sale at the Limited Run Games website on Wednesday 21st March, 2018.

The price is yet to be confirmed, but following the usual pattern for Limited Run Games physical releases, it is likely to be the digital price plus $10 (USD), putting it at $22.55.

The company have said they are planning to release further VR titles in future, and as always, VRFocus will bring you further details as they become available.