OPTIS and Almeco Present VR Showroom Experience

OPTIS, a pioneer and world-leading solution provider in lighting simulation solutions has announced a collaboration with Almeco, a world-leader in aluminum production to present a virtual reality (VR) showroom.

The collaboration between the two companies is the outcome of a long-term relationship which the two started back in 2006. OPTIS is a trust partner thanks to its expertise in optical simulation with Almeco extensively using OPTIS’ flagship software, SPEOS, to provide light simulations based on the physical laws of the optics for design and engineering of their aluminum reflectors.

Almeco OPTIS Hero

Jacopo Mori, Engineering and New Projects Manager at Almeco Group explains: “Directly integrated into SOLIDWORKS, OPTIS’ SPEOS is the best-renowned solution on the market to design and experience your future product even before it exists because it is based on the physical laws of optics, you get ultra-realistic renderings of your future product and make early decisions on your product’s material and texture. That is why we use OPTIS’ solution: to showcase our aluminum expertise in life-like conditions”.

The VR showroom will allow for a unique and immersive way to explore the range of lighting solutions on offer. This will be on display at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany which is currently running until 23rd March. Key members in the lighting and architecture industry from across Europe will be at the show and experiencing the new VR showroom that was been created. Additionally, Almeco will be contributing the technology to the show and demonstrating their lighting reflectors and solutions all in virtual space for the first time.

Julien Duchene, Business Development Manager at OPTIS commented on the announcement by adding: “Today, virtual reality simulations are indispensable tools to get an accurate representation of consumer products manufacturers and to design merchandising programs that truly meet the needs of customers, we are thrilled to be able to help Almeco showcase their products and materials through ultra-realistic simulations and a virtual reality exploration for a real-life rendering.”

Almeco have continued to focus efforts into research and development of solutions and aimed to use the best technology available to aid in designing their product lineup. With the capacities of the latest SPEOS software, Almeco is able to provide experiences and lifelike demonstrations all within VR.

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