Manufacturing Gets AR/VR Aid With Workbench VR

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) growing in prominence a number of new applications for the technology have begun to see development outside of the entertainment area which has received the bulk of the attention. One of those areas is enterprise and manufacturing, as shown by the new Workbench VR application.

Workbench VR is designed to assist in manufacturing environments in order to help assembly workers assemble products faster and more efficiently, to reduce errors and improve the quality assurance process.

The application uses VR or AR headsets and smartglasses and connected ‘smart tools’ to help guide workers through custom work flows. The application can be utilised for a variety of industries, including aerospace, measurement, automotive, machinery and electronics, among others.

The application has been developed by Cemtrex Inc, a noted industrial and manufacturing firm who have developed the application in-house by the recently formed Cemtrex VR team. The company is aiming to become part of the rapid growth of the VR and AR software market for industrial applications, a sector which is expected to be worth $30 billion (USD) by 2021 according to research by Statista.

Cemtrex’s Chairman and CEO, Saagar Govil commented, “Workbench VR is the first VR / AR application to provide a set of tools to the manufacturing team to assist the worker and manager to accurately track, measure, and improve assembly operations. Due to our extensive experience and number of customers in industrial and manufacturing environments we see this application as the ideal tool to continue to create more value for our clients. Our Workbench VR application will be of immense value to any manufacturing operation that seeks to cut costs and get an edge on their competition.”

Workbench VR

The company plans to release Workbench VR in Beta form sometime in Summer 2018. Companies who wish to participate in the Beta launch can sign up through the Cemtrex website. Further news on Workbench VR or other upcoming apps will be here on VRFocus.