Magic and Adventure Await You Down The Way of Kings

Last month, it was revealed that a virtual reality (VR) adaptation of Brandon Sanderson’s best-selling fantasy series The Stormlight Archive was in development. That VR experience, titled The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains is now available for HTC Vive.

The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains was developed as a partnership between DMG entertainment and Arcturus. The developers describe it as an immersive, interactive experience that delivers an unforgettable adventure for HTC Vive users.

Players of The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains take on the role of Kaladin, a young man struggling to control his magical powers. As Kaladin, users can explore the mythical land of Roshar, a place where storms of terrible power and magnitude frequently sweep across the land.

Guided by a mysterious fairy-like creature called Syl, players must journey across the treacherous Shattered Plains in order to harness the magical power of Stormlight, all while fighting off hostile mythical beasts and powerful Parshendi warriors.

The adaptation of The Way of Kings into VR was written by Joshua Rubin, who ha previously worked as the lead writer behind successful videogame titles such as Destiny and Assassin’s Creed. The Way of Kings is the first book of The Stormlight Archive series, which was first published in 2010. Since then over 15 million copies of Stormlight archive books have been sold worldwide.

This is the first consumer release from Arcturus, who are best known for their work in developing technology for companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Google and YouTube. The studio says its goal is to create excellent quality immersive experience and guide others through the immersive technology industry. DMG Entertainment, meanwhile is a well-known media and entertainment company that has worked with a variety of firms in areas such as television, film and videogames, including such projects as Iron Man 3 and Looper.

The Way of Kings, Escape the Shattered Plains is out now on Viveport and Steam, priced at $10.99 (USD). VRFocus will be sure to brig you any further updates as they become available.