Life In 360°: The Iciest Road Travelled

And so the Winter Olympics are over. That is to say that the Winter Olympics is over for another four years, with the athletes packed up and shipped out of PyeongChang in South Korea, laden with medals, new goals, broken dreams and the prospect that training just starts again tomorrow. The Winter Paralympic Games has also now come to its end. But do you still have the bug for some ice and snow?

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoThese were the first Winter Games that 360 degree video has been extensively in use for so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that videos and experiences are popping up here and there. As such, we’ve got one for you to look at today, and it comes from a pretty good source: GoPro themselves.

It seems back in February GoPro stuck one of their cameras onto the front end of a bobsleigh, but not just any bobsleigh, a 4-man bobsleigh belonging to the Under Armor sponsored USA Bobsled and Skeleton team. The US had three teams in the Men’s competition this time around and although not coming home with a medal – the lion’s share of the honours going to Germany who won both gold and silver – still managed a place in the top ten.

I’ll be honest in that I’ve absolutely no clue which of those teams this is, it simply doesn’t say. But you will get the opportunity to hurtle down a course at a ridiculously unsafe speed, perched on the top of a sled. Try and make out the details as you zip around the course and marvel at how they’re making such minute corrections in steering with so little time to react.

You can see the video below, and below that there’s an additional video of the bobsled run in a more traditional viewpoint using GoPro’s OverCapture mode so you can compare the two. VRFocus will be back with another example of Life in 360° very soon.