Life In 360°: And Bears – Oh My!

Well it was going to be only one of two things wasn’t it, but this is not a big cat themed week at all. We’re completing our Wizard of Oz animal trilogy with bears.  Where to begin with bears though? There are after all many, many species of bear.Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoNow, as mentioned on Monday’s entry where we joined National Geographic as they discussed lions, we have featured pandas on Life In 360° before – on a couple of occasions actually after I got a request for “more pandas please” after their first appearance. So, since they’ve already appeared twice no pandas for you today. Sorry, but fair’s fair.

We’re going to stick with good old grizzly for this video and we’re also bringing our trilogy to a close in another way. On Monday we looked at animals in the wild, on Wednesday we looked at an animal in captivity and today we’re looking at animals raised in captivity who are being trained to go back to the wild.

Made in relation to a six-part documentary series on Animal Planet called Project Grizzly – not to be confused with the 1996 documentary of the same name – which followed the former bear trainer Jeff “The Bear Man” Watson. Watson is the owner and trainer of Brody the Bear, a trained acting bear (although he’s a Kodiak bear, not a grizzly) who has appeared in numerous films and made appearances all over the US to promote bear safety and awareness when camping in areas where bears are known to inhabit.

In Project Grizzly however he is attempts to return two rescued bears named Bob and Screech to the where they belong. In this tie-in 360 degree video by Discovery VR shows the pair of 700 pound grizzly bears put through their paces by way of an unusual series of tasks. The tasks, however, are all designed to help both Bob and Screech who were hand reared as cubs to learn the skills and retune their survival instincts so that they may survive out away from Jeff’s care. Check out the video below to see how things go.

VRFocus will be back next week with more 360 degree video. Until that time, however, be sure to keep up to date with things throughout Friday and the weekend by following us on social media. Links to the various channels can be found at the top of the site.