Hold on to Your Seats as Wipeout Comes to PlayStation VR

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has dropped the price of PlayStation VR, hoping to bring more players into its virtual reality (VR) worlds. And for those who already own the system its free update time, with WipEout Omega Collection now supporting VR.

Wipeout VR version was announced in December 2017, during SIE’s annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) livestream. Rather than a brand new, made for VR experience, the company has chosen to update WipEout Omega Collection for free. If you own the headset and a copy of the videogame, simply update it, switch on your headset and your main menu will transform into a 3D world with ships zooming right past you.

Unlike titles such as Gran Turismo Sport which only let you access part of the videogame in VR, WipEout Omega Collection will be fully playable from start to finish with PlayStation VR. As an added treat three new VR exclusive ships in HD, Fury and 2048 classes have been included.

Extra VR features include being able to play WipEout Omega Collection in full 3D audio. Plus the update will come with a new remix of Shake It by last years WipEout Omega Collection music track remix competition winner Vieille Griffe.

Wipeout VR

The Wipeout series has become one of the most iconic racing franchises since first appearing on the original PlayStation – and one of the early titles attributed to its success – seeing several sequels over the following years. Now PlayStation VR owners will be able to dive the high-speed anti-gravity vehicles and race at neck braking speeds down impossibly twisting, winding tracks for what is undoubtedly going to be the most immersive version of Wipeout yet.

If SIE has any more PlayStation VR surprises instore today, be sure to keep reading VRFocus for the latest updates and announcements.