Hawaii Convention Center Launches Concept3D’s Mapping Platform

Concept3D, a leader in bringing physical spaces into the digital world through 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), interactive maps and immersive virtual tour software have today announced that Hawaii Convention Center have launched their interactive map and tour platform.

Hawaii Convention Center - 360 Degree Image of Entry

The launch of the new 3D map offers a complete digital recreation of the Hawaii Convention Center, with all 1.1 million square foot of it being fully interactive within digital space. The map is a multi-level map which profiles the convention center’s 200,000 square foot Kamehameha Exhibit hall, 35,000 square foot Kalakaua Ballroom, registration lobby, 47 meeting rooms, two-tiered seating theaters, and 2.5-acre rooftop events garden. Users will now be able to find on-site information much easier then before and will benefit guests and event planners alike.

Hawaii Convention Center - Up-Close Detail of 3D Renderings

Prominently displayed and accessible via the Hawaii Convention Center website, it is designed to give users an easy and mobile-friendly experience when it comes to navigating the convention center. The software designed by Concept3D has been tailored to fit all the needs of the convention center, providing all the needed information for both and visitor and operator point of view.

Teri Orton, General Manager of the Hawaii Convention Center commented on the launch saying: “We pride ourselves on providing meeting planners and guests with the best possible service, and when we experienced the Concept3D platform we were drawn to the ability to make our processes even more efficient, we see Concept3D as a powerful information hub that offers the ability to explore all that we have to offer, from our unique indoor and outdoor meeting spaces to nearby hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. It’s an engaging way to experience the convention center from anywhere in the world and will certainly help our sales and marketing team be more effective at what they do.”

Concept3D have been specializing in creating immersive online experience since 2006 through a combination of VR-ready virtual tour software and 3D modeling. With product solutions displayed for specifically for education and another aimed at industry, including healthcare and retirement facilities, Concept3D are continuing to build accessible 3D maps that are viewable in VR as well.

Concept3D VP of Business Development, Chris Munz commented on the launch adding: “The Hawaii Convention Center space and surrounding areas are impressive, and the Concept3D platform brings it all to life online in a way that is perfect for guests and event planners and also engaging for anyone interested in exploring the convention center, and Concept3D as a space planning tool is a major asset and competitive advantage for convention centers.”

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