Having Guns of Fun Playing The American Dream

One of the most interesting looking virtual reality (VR) titles to be launched this year is Samurai Punk’s dark satire on American gun culture, The American Dream. Essentially an on-rails first-person shooter (FPS), there’s far more to the videogame than meets the eye, poking fun yet answering serious questions about people’s love of the gun, a creation designed for one thing, killing. Naturally, VRFocus had to get a closer look at The American Dream, recording this gameplay video of a couple of the levels. The American Dream art

The main joke behind The American Dream is the focus on gun manufacturers and how they like to portray their weapons as a vital tool that every homeowner (American Patriot) needs. So Samurai Punk has taken this idea, sprinkled some Australian humour on it, and created a VR experience that can be sharply witty at points, and very dark in others.

How has the developer taken this to the extreme, well the video neatly addresses some of those questions by showcasing two stages. In the first VRFocus had to feed a baby, so using just a pair of pistols and plenty of bullets chopped up some fresh produce which went into a giant mixer. Then in the second area, it was time to do a spot of fishing using a trusty bolt-action rifle – no need to wait for a bite! To be honest these levels we’re fairly tame in comparison to some of the stages, which included giving people haircuts with a machine gun, changing baby’s nappy, or setting the mood for some late night action with a pump action shotgun.

With 20 stages to play though you can be certain things can only get weirder (and funnier) as the videogame progresses, just remember this is definitely not one for the kids. Check out the video below, or head on over to VRFocus‘ review of The American Dream to find out more. As always, keep coming back for more gameplay videos from VRFocus.