Have Complete Control Over Your PC in VR With SpaceSys

For those that want to do more in virtual reality (VR) than just playing videogames there are plenty of apps available that can give you wider access to your PC. One of the most well known is Bigscreen Beta, a social virtual desktop app for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Recently developers 3DEA and SpaceSys Inc. released their version SpaceSys, allowing users to run their PC in a fully immersive environment.


SpaceSys isn’t exactly new, VRFocus reported on a very early version of the app way back in 2015 which was compatible with both the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2. This new version has come to Steam Early Access supporting HTC Vive, featuring a full 3D 360-degree interface where a user can spatially organise their work space.

In its current beta form SpaceSys only supports Windows 7 SP1, with various graphical environments to choose from and customise; a complete OS 2D interface implemented in full 3D, including icons, folders, menus and windows; file/object manipulation; 2D application windows available as proper 3D objects and much more.

With the team planning on keeping SpaceSys in Early Access for around 9-12 months the next main goal is to add Windows 10 support. As for the full version, features such as Oculus Rift/Windows Mixed Reality support, additional environments, a VR office and a multiuser option allowing users to share and interact within a shared virtual space are all planned.


“VR gives us an opportunity to literally break walls and work in new ways over the 2D display world we’ve been confined to for more than 40 years. Taking full advantage of that paradigm shift means we can’t accept the norms and practices we’ve developed working in 2D, though. We believe we have the right solution and working hard to make it happen,” said Armando Matijevic, CEO of SpaceSys Inc.

Being able to access all your PC features whilst still in VR offers much more freedom than having to take the headset off every time you want to do something hence why Oculus and Steam have further developed their VR online stores to make the user interface even more fluid.

SpaceSys is available now for HTC Vive retailing at £8.29 if you want to give it a go. For any further updates on the software, keep reading VRFocus.