H6D VR Controller Hits IndieGoGo

Huro-Corp have launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a virtual reality (VR) controller which offers a user immersive hand controls on mobile VR platforms.

H6D - VR Controller 01

The H6D VR Controller is pitched as a new generation of VR controllers from Huro-Corp. By using tracking technology it is able to digitalise the user’s hand and copy the movement into virtual space. It works by combining a head unit with a glove unit, or two, which then sends data to the users phone in order to build a more immersive VR experience.

H6D - VR Controller 02

The H6D VR Controller is designed to work with every VR-ready phone and does not require any special hardware in order to work. The head unit is used to calculate every movement of the markers and is connected to the users phone by means of Bluetooth or a wired USB connection. Designed to sit on the front of a mobile phone head-mounted display (HMD) the unit is light weight, measuring only 68 grams and can be set up in seconds with the Schinecon 4.0 Headset, which is included in the IndieGoGo pledge rewards.

The glove component is able to send signals up to 100 times per second, allowing real time feedback for the user. Thanks to the full range of movement sensors at work the glove can pick up the position, movement and rotation of the users hand and feed it back to the phone. Once more it has been developed with maximal functionality in mind leading to an ergonomically small design so not to disturb the users. Together, the two components will offer users a chance to get a more immersive experience for up to five hours on a single charge.

Currently on IndieGoGo, the campaign is hoping to raise $40,000 USD offering a number of tiers for backers to pick from. These start at $399 for the first 50 ‘Early Bird’ backers for the H6D Headset, power bank, VR headset and one glove controller. The ‘Early Bird’ price for two glove units is $445 again for the first 50 backers. The prices for the one and two glove tiers then go for $454 and $499 respectively once the ‘Early Bird’ tiers are cleared.

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