Forensics goes Virtual With FARO Zone 3D 2018 Software

In the areas of crime and accident investigation, obtaining accurate pictures and measurements is a critical part of the process, not just for the current investigation, but also for training future investigators in what to look for. Now those images and measurements will be available in virtual reality (VR) thanks to the FARO Zone 3D platform.

The FARO Zone 3D software platform has been specially designed for use by forensic scientists, accident investigators and security personnel to allow for accurate capture and reconstruction of crime, crash or fire scenes in VR.

FARO Zone 3D

Users of FARO Zone 3D can walk through a scene, analyse events leading up to the event in question, and even create fully animated VR reconstructions to see how the incident happened. New animations for smoke, fire and explosions have been added for additional impact and realism, with the resulting re-creations able to be captured for a presentation in a courtroom or classroom.

FARO Zone 3D allows for users to capture certain VR recreations to act as training scenarios for future trainees. There are also smart tools available for analysts, such as the Blood Spatter Analysis tool, which automatically outlines blood droplets and created lines of trajectory. Similarly, the Bullt Trajectory tool can create similar visual demonstrations, and generate reports suitable for presentation in courtrooms.

The scenes captured and recreated in FARO Zone 3D can be shared with colleagues all over the world using the free FARO Zone Viewer application, so users can obtain additional insight from specialists, no matter where they are in the world.

FARO Zone 3D

“FARO Zone 3D represents another step forward in our focus to create complete solutions for investigators in the crime, crash, fire, and security markets,” stated Jeff Ruiz, Vice President Public Safety Forensics. “Integrated virtual reality makes investigators’ analysis more powerful, more persuasive and more real than ever.”

Further information is available on the FARO official website. As always, VRFocus will keep you informed on new and innovative VR products and services.