Fail Factory Developer Armature Studio Teases Work on ‘Original IP VR Project’

At the end of 2017, Armature Studio – best known for Recore – released its first virtual reality (VR), Fail Factory for Samsung Gear VR. Well it looks like the studio has caught the VR bug, confirming work on a new immersive project.

Taking to Twitter, the studio has a number of job openings it needs to fill with Engineers in high demand to help bring several projects to life. And one of these just so happens to be VR, with the post simply saying ‘an original IP VR project’ is in the works.

With the studio still in the process of hiring whatever has been created so far is going to be very early development content. Having teamed up with Oculus to publish Fail Factory there’s a good chance this relationship will continue, so the Gear VR may see another exclusive or there’s always the possibility of an Oculus Rift title.

At present though everything is still hush hush. Even on its own website Armature Studio has listed an ‘upcoming game’ under the Original IP section with a blank image and TBA everywhere.

If you own a Gear VR then you can put Armature Studio’s skills to the test by downloading Fail Factory for £3.99 GBP. Fail Factory is a collection of mini-games where players have to work in assembly stations, sorting stations and the quality assurance program (QAP). Controlling massive robots, they need to think fast in order to succeed in a factory that features nearly 40 varied immersive mini-games. The single-player, physics-based experience is split into three main types of mini-game stations, featuring a timed score system for each mini-game, with the highest score making it onto the online leaderboards.

If you don’t have the cash then there’s always the free demo to give you a taster. As VRFocus learns more about the upcoming VR project, we’ll let you know.