Enterprise AR Firm Upskill Gets New Funding Injection

The usage of augmented reality (AR) for enterprise applications has been growing in recent months and years, with significant growth in applications designed specifically for this purpose. One company who is focussing on this area is Upskill, a company that has recently received an injection of funding.

The funding round has resulted in an investment of $17.2 million (USD) for the company, which has been led by several industry leaders, Accenture, Boeing HorizonX, GE Ventures and Cisco Investments, among others.

Upskill grew to prominence with the launch of its flagship Skylight AR platform, which allowed companies to integrate AR into workflows in order to increase efficiency, cut costs and reduce errors.

“We are ramping up our use of Skylight and wearables inside our operations. Boeing is seeing multiple aircraft manufacturing lines benefit from the solution, and we now want to introduce AR into the services part of our business so we may service our own, and third-party products, for our end-customers,” said Ted Colbert, CIO of The Boeing Company and SVP of Information Technology & Data Analytics.

“We saw substantial growth in the last year further amplified by the launch of our new product release. That acceleration is what led our investors to participate in this new funding round,” said Brian Ballard, co-founder and CEO, Upskill. “Upskill’s group of investors now include leaders from all parts of the industrial augmented reality ecosystem, which is an important signal in the market and speaks to how we collectively contribute to digital transformation.”

upskill logo

Upskill are planning to continue to build its team and increase its presence worldwide in order to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Some research has suggested that 2018 will be an important year for the development of AR technology, and Upskill is one of several firms looking to take advantage of its continued growth.

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