Digital Domain Announces Acquisition Of VR Manufacturer 3Glasses

Digital Domain has revealed an acquisition of 60% of the effective interest of 3Glasses, opening up the opportunity for the company to tap into the virtual reality (VR) market further then before.

Digital Domain - Logo

3Glasses are one of the pioneers and leaders of China’s VR hardware market, having launched China’s first VR head-mounted display (HMD), the 3Glasses D1 along with China’s first mixed reality (MR) HMD, 3Glasses Blubur S1 and even on a VR player. With more than fifteen years of experience within the VR market creating innovative technology covering software, hardware, developer tools, content platforms and industry solutions. The acquisition of the company by Digital Domain gives the company prospects to create new experience building fully integrated VR ecosystems that encompass VR content production, content distribution and hardware.

By 2016 3Glasses together with Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Fujitsu and Asus became the Microsoft “Windows Mixed Reality” global partner. This demonstrates the company’s strength and global influence, positioning the company as a reliable business partner and a good investment. Digital Domain have been in the VR industry 2014, they have continued to be strongly committed to promoting mass consumer adoption of VR and has made significant progress in establishing business models that feed into this goal.

With it’s premier content creation and production capabilities, exclusive distribution platform, VR Theater now combined with the cutting edge hardware technology from 3Glasses, the group will enable VR content and application distribution business to develop more rapidly, helping the company to create even more enriched virtual reality experience for the consumer market.

Elsewhere, Digital Domain also recently announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom for a VR collaboration to create content for Magenta VR app. This collaboration will renew development of the release Magenta VR app, along with expanding the library of content that is available through both licensing deals and production of content exclusively for Deutsche Telekom.

With Digital Domain creating immersive content that entertains, inform and inspires, the company is a pioneer in many fields including visual effects and livestreaming events in 360-degree to VR, the new partnership with 3Glasses will see them able to create new and exciting products.

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