Creators can Touch Their CAD Designs With exiii Inc’s EXOS Haptic System

VRFocus has recently covered several developments when it comes to creators using CAD (computer aided design) data for virtual reality (VR) purposes. Software companies are trying to make it easier for professional engineers, designers, and digital content creators to seamlessly integrate designs into immersive content, such as architects making a building client can walk through. But what if you wanted to go further, to be able to touch and feel those digital creations. Well, Tokyo-based exxiii Inc. has come up with a solution, a haptic wearable device called EXOS.

EXOS wrist main visual
EXOS Wrist DK1

exiii Inc. has built two haptic devices, the EXOS Wrist DK1 and the EXOS Gripper DK1. The EXOS Wrist DK1 (seen above) can apply counter force in two directions thanks to two built-in motors. Compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers the EXOS Wrist allows a developer to assign “event-base haptics,” such as shooting a gun and pushing a button,  to make interactive content more immersive. The development kit will come with an SDK for Unity, ensuring developers have the tools to create haptics-enabled content.

As the name  suggests, the EXOS Gripper DK1 (pictured below) has been designed purely for haptic feedback when grabbing objects in a virtual world. It supplies counter force between the thumb and index finger for more casual uses cases rather than videogames.

Hiroshi Yamaura, CEO and Co-Founder of exiii Inc., said in a statement: “EXOS Wrist and Gripper can be used in many business areas, such as manufacturing, simulation, entertainment and so on. We are very excited and are looking forward to working with developers who want to push the boundary of XR experience.”


EXOS Gripper DK1
EXOS Gripper DK1

Both the EXOS Wrist and Gripper are being aimed more towards the enterprise market, helping designers intuitively review designs as a result of having both visual and touch interfaces. For example, designers will be able to make sure if the distance between seat and handle is appropriate, check whether all the buttons are easily accessible and controllable, etc.

While no prices have been revealed, interested companies can inquire on the exiii Inc. website. For any further updates form the company, keep reading VRFocus.