Cover The World In AR Notes With SCHOOOL

Educational mobile platform SCHOOOL has released a new feature that allows users to take advantage of augmented reality (AR) technology for educational purpose.


SCHOOOL already allows English language teachers and learners the chance to leverage social features to help make the process of learning English more accessible. Thanks to the easier and better contention between student and teacher, SCHOOOL is enabling social learning. This is done by letting learners interact with each other, sharing English expressions, asking questions, and receiving answers all through the app. Users can even create classes and learn together, inviting friends to their own classes or finding a teacher offering a class. Now, a new feature titled Glass Notes offers another way for users of the SCHOOOL app to interact with the world around them all while engaging in learning at the same time.

Glass Notes works by using location-based AR technology, directly within the SCHOOOL app on a mobile device, to create virtual post-it notes. These notes, called Glass Notes, can be place anywhere in the world and can be used to help educate thanks to the generated English phrases that are added depending on location. A user can also take advantage of other notes and capture them, called ‘Glass-ing’, to have the note read aloud to them, helping to identify locations and learn useful phrases. This process also ensure that a note is accessible later even when not at the location to further the learning process.

Schoool Glass Notes Hero

Mark Kim, CEO of SCHOOOL Inc talked about the new feature stating: “An example of Glass Notes in action would be if the user is near a bank, the feature lets the Glass Notes containing English expressions that are commonly used in the bank pop up on the user’s phone.”

The new Glass Notes feature turns the world into a learners notepad, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to creating or discovering notes. All of this is done inside the SCHOOOL app and as Mark Kim states: “It’s easy to get started, users simply tap the Create Button, making their own Glass Notes anywhere they want. All notes can be public or private. With the Glass List Button, users can manage and edit already existing and collected notes.”

A free version of SCHOOOL: Learn and Teach English is available to download now for mobile devices on iOS and Android.

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