Cortopia Studios Detail Future Plans for PvP Title Wands

Magical PvP combat experience Wands has been out for a while, having arrived on Samsung Gear VR in 2016 before being ported to Google Daydream and Oculus Rift last year. Recently Cortopia Studios released a new update, version 1.3.6 adding plenty of new content. Yet its not stopping there, detailing plans for future updates to VRFocus.

Wands Oculus Rift screenshot 3

In the 1.3.6 patch, the studio added five dynamic environments to make those matches that bit more interesting. Aspis Prison, Temple of Ophidian, Celestial Halls, Dead Master’s Vale and Ortus Station are the five new arenas, featuring rising magma that awakens a giant beast, hidden stone traps, a crystal that occasionally heals or attacks the nearest wielder and more.

Two new spells have also been added to the roster, Disc of Antioch: a disc that bounces the longer you charge it, which makes it an interesting choice in corridors; and Cerberus Collars, trap an opponent on a tile and they’ll damage them if they try to move.

As for the new stuff coming in the next couple of updates, John Milburn, CMO at Cortopia Studios has so far confirmed in an email that in version 1.3.7: “we’re focusing our efforts on making Wands more accessible and understandable for a wider  audience.” So more headset support perhaps? Adding HTC Vive for example would be a sensible way to go.

Milburn also briefly touches on the 1.4 patch, saying: “And in 1.4 we’re releasing the wardrobe, where you can select between several different characters and your own look. Along with this we’re also adding a whole new arena, new spells and a tutorial mode.”

So for fans of the videogame there’s plenty of content planned for the future, greatly expanding upon the original mobile experience. Naturally, VRFocus will find out further details on Wands as Cortopia Studios continues developing further updates, so stay tuned for further announcements.