Competition: Win A Trip Into A Robot Dominated Future With 5 Apex Construct Codes

Why is the future never wonderful in videogames? It’s always a disaster. Even if it appears to be a pristine utopia you soon learn that it is in fact the thin veneer of idealism pasted over the corrupt, decadent, rotting carcass of a once shining dream where everyone is either hiding from imminent death as civilization eats itself alive. Of course, ‘everything is actually okay’ doesn’t exactly play well as a plot, so perhaps we should be grateful that the doom and dystopia comes along all so frequently.

Apex Construct

Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct takes place in “a shattered future” – this time it’s due to a proverbial rise of the robots, who have taken over the world and effectively eradicated mankind after it experimented with artificial intelligence once too often and as a result the robots decided they all wanted to get their ‘kill all humans’ scouting badge. You play a survivor – potentially the survivor – of humanity, and armed with a bow, a shield, a robotic arm and plenty of questions. Ones only two warring A.I.’s (Mothr and Fathr) will be able to answer.

It’s a full and intriguing story, one that helped secure a 5/5 rating in VRFocus Apex Construct review:Apex Construct does not go easy on your at any point. You are given a path to follow, but for the most part you are left to your own devices on how to proceed. If you take this opportunity to explore, there are a number of rewards to be found for doing so. At the end of each stage you return to the safe house to upgrade your gear and also unlock areas that were previously inaccessible, making backtracking rewarding.”

We’ve got five codes for the title to give away. To enter the draw you need to do so via the Gleam widget below and interact with our social media accounts in some way. You’ll receive a draw entry for being a follower of us on Twitter, being a subscriber to us on YouTube, or by visiting our Facebook page. As a new addition if you visit our Instagram account – and why not follow us there too while you’re there? – you’ll gain not one but two entries for the draw.

The competition is open for approximately a week. Starting today, March 30th, 2018, and will end at midnight UK time, the beginning of April 7th. Winners will be drawn and contacted after that period. Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Competition: Win A Trip Into A Robot Dominated Future With 5 Apex Construct Codes