Competition: Win A Spot Of Magic With The Wizards

Everyone likes a bit of magic. Conjuring up that which is not and then, presumably throwing at an enemy and turning them into some sort of toad, or a pile of ash, or both. Thankfully virtual reality (VR) has allowed spellcasting to almost get its own mini videogame genre. There’s a number of titles on the market where you get your magical ways on, and one of the very best happens to be The Wizards.

The WizardsIn the title, by independent developers Carbon Studio – who also created sci-f exploration experience ALICE VR – puts players into the shoes of a young sorcerer tasked with defending the realm from legions of rampaging monsters. A single-player title, The Wizards allows a player to cast all sorts of elemental spells, from lightning bolts to fireballs, alongside defensive spells like a shield, to attack and protect themselves from orcs and goblins.

VRFocus tried The Wizards out earlier this month, describing it in our review as “Beautiful to look at, The Wizards biggest draw is its spell casting gameplay. Rather than switching between spells in a menu the videogame employs gesture-based spell-casting in a similar way to The Unspoken, where you need to remember particular hand movements to be able to do anything. This mechanic works extremely well for magic-based experiences, grounding you in the world and the character, which Carbon Studio easily pulled off.”

We’ve teamed up with Carbon Studio to offer you a chance to pick up the title for free. We’ve got six Steam codes up for grabs – all you need to do is interact with our social media accounts – which many of you likely already follow. You’ll receive a draw entry for every one of the following actions below: Be a follower of us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, or visit our Facebook and Google+ pages.

The competition is open until the end of next week. Starting today, 16th March 2018, and will end at midnight UK time, the beginning of March 24th. Winners will be drawn and contacted after that period. The best of luck to all!

Competition: Win A Spot Of Magic With The Wizards