Combining Artificial Intelligence, Art and VR in Innovatus

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are new technologies that some companies are innovators are experimenting with in order to develop new products and services. The world of art does not seem to be a natural fit for application of these technologies at first, but content creator Nathalie Frederiksen is working on combining AI with cinematic art and virtual reality (VR).

Nathalie Frederiksen is working on a project called Innovatus which aims to combine AI, high-quality performance art with immersive VR. The project will be the largest that Nathalie Frederiksen has worked on so far.

Nathalie Frederiksen

Full details on what Innovatus will entail have yet to be revealed, but indications are that it will involve ‘human simulation technology’. The idea is to draw upon robotics and AI technology by using recent technologies involving high frame-rate graphics and multiple, stereoscopic points of reference to allow users to escape into a dynamic VR environment.

Frederiksen will act as executive producer and director of Innovatus. She said: “‘Innovatus’ is my most exciting project to date. I love working with some of the most brilliant minds out there, and being able to to collaborate on something so beautiful and great. “Innovatus” combines the best of the best in the technology space and gives us the opportunity to explore cinematic art and music in a brand new innovative way. The future is here and I am so happy to be part of creating history.”

Nathalie Frederiksen has been working on VR and augmented reality (AR) production for some time, participating in producing project for film, TV, advertising and videogames, which has involved working with brands such as Swedish House Mafia and Ultra Music Festival.

Recently, Frederiksen won a prize for her work on socially-aware VR film ‘The Others’, a VR experience about street art in Los Angeles and the community that has grown up around it.

Virtual reality experience

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