Coatsink Suspects You’ll Like Oculus Go Launch Title They Suspect Nothing

Developer Coatsink Software have announced their newest title coming to the upcoming Oculus Go in the form of virtual reality (VR) videogame They Suspect Nothing.

They Suspect Nothing Screenshot01

Already revealed as a launch title for the Oculus Go earlier in the week, the title now has more details that help to give an idea of what sort of gameplay players can expect from this title. The title will put players in the shoes of the last human on earth with the task of infiltrating a robot-only society by completing a series of bizarre human detection tests. Assuage suspicion with machine-like efficiency as you conduct open part surgery, pilot a drone, manage rush hour in an explosives plant and even instigate armageddon in a cataclysm simulator and eight other ridiculous and entertaining experiences.

They Suspect Nothing has twelve humorous mini-games with three difficulty settings to test a players dexterity, perception and logic that you will need to use to ‘prove you’re metal’ and confirm there’s nothing suspicious about you at all. With a customization robot avatar with local profiles and leaderboards players can compete to see who is the best, utilizing a ‘pass and play’ gameplay feature thanks to the Oculus Go. Once more the whole title is voiced with a cast of interesting actors including the award winning actor Jim Broadbent.

They Suspect Nothing Screenshot02

Recently this week VRFocus‘ Senior Writer Peter Graham was able to get hands-on with the Oculus Go at the Game Developer Conference saying: “…for this brief first look Oculus Go certainly offers a compelling VR experience. It may not offer roomscale, inside-out tracking like Vive Focus but for $199 there’s already plenty of tech built in. If standalone devices like Oculus Go become popular the days of plugging a phone into a HMD may be numbered.”

They Suspect Nothing will be able at launch for the Oculus Go and will also be coming to the Samsung Gear VR. Though no set release date has been announced you can expect the title to drop later this year in Spring. A trailer is available to watch below.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on They Suspect Nothing and Oculus Go in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.