Clash of Magic VR Hitting Early Access This Week

Clash of Magic is a virtual reality (VR) tower that lets players engage in real-time strategy (RTS), tower rush gameplay all within a compelling VR experience.

Clash of Magic 01

Developed by Narvalous Inc, players travel to the United Island of Magic to enroll in the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry and set about to learn the skills and spells needed to excel on the battlefield. With a number of campaign missions to work through, learning the systems of the game and the skills needed to succeed, players will then go online to battle against each other and prove their might.

Clash of Magic 02

Each of the different units that a player can summon fall within a different role and have their own advantages and weakness that need to be taken into account. Counter your opponents units effectively and you will ensure victory but play your spells wrong and you could suffer a crushing defeat. Though the title has plenty of units and spells, each offering different strategies that uses it is down to the players to find the ideal way to combine everything together and develop a battle plan that works for them.

The Early Access release of Clash of Magic will include a campaign mode with 24 levels including some boss battles, 24 spells to unlock and player-versus-player multiplayer which is currently still under development. Clash of Magic will also include weekly and monthly online tournaments in the future to support the titles eSports community that the developers hope to see grow. There is also a planned spectator mode that will help to allow players to enjoy the tournaments and most intense matches, offering a learning experience alongside enjoyment. With online leaderboards going to prove who is the most legendary wizard, there is sure to be some heated competition out there on the arena floor.

Clash of Magic will be releasing onto Steam Early Access this week on 16th March, 2018 and is expect to remaing in Early Access for around two or three months, according to the developers, before releasing in full. The game will support the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will support for both seated and standing gameplay.

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