City Smashing VRobot Adds Multiplayer Update

After arriving on Steam Early Access last April, VRobot has seen quite a few updates added by its developer Luden.io. Fans of the videogame will be pleased to know another update has just been rolled out, this time adding a two-player dueling option. 

VRobot Multiplayer_11

Currently in a test phase, the new multiplayer allows two players to jump into giant robots armed with an equally massive revolver to shoot it out in one of VRobot’s small destructible cities. Naturally, this being VRobot, destruction and making good use of it is key to winning. Sure you can wade in and get some good headshots in, but why not be a little more inventive. Grab a skyscraper to wrap around your opponents head, throw pieces of building if you so choose, or even grab a nice suburban house and use it as a shield as you got in for the kill, the choice is up to you.

As for any rules, there aren’t really that many. Whoever gets the most kills in the allotted time wins, and do not leave the enemy reactor area, you will die if you do so.

The multiplayer update follows on from a Star Wars: The Last Jedi homage in December 2017, adding moon-sized weapon of mass destruction the Death Star into the sky. And if you happened to own VRobot in October then you’ll have been treated to some Halloween shenanigans with an entire city made out of pumpkins.

VRobot Multiplayer_4

The videogame is the latest virtual reality (VR) title from the team behind inMind and inCell, taking a much more different approach with its arcade style gameplay. Luden.io isn’t just a VR developer either, having delved into the world of augmented reality (AR) last year when Apple launched ARKit, creating god simulation experience ARrived

VRobot is available through Steam for £10.99 GBP, compatible with Oculus Rift (and Oculus Store), HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The update is free to download for those that already own the title. For any further updates from Luden.io, keep reading VRFocus.