Cat ‘S’ Trophy Bringing Cat Kart Racing To Gear VR Soon

If you have been waiting for a virtual reality (VR) videogame that is all about cats along with casual kart racing management then the upcoming Cat ‘S’ Trophy for Samsung Gear VR will be for you.

Cat 'S' Trophy Artwork Characters

Developed by Visible Realms, a studio founded in 2017 by two entertainment and videogame industry veterans Eliza and Teemu Jäppinen, they have a collective experience that is sure to impress anyone. Having worked on the cutscenes for Trials of the Blood Dragon with Eliza also having being the creator behind the band Studio Killers. Now the two are taking their experience and bring it to VR with a cat themed videogame.

Though Cat ‘S’ Trophy pulls a heavy amount of influence from internet culture the title will have an accessible set of gameplay mechanics, allowing for anyone who wishes to play to be ale to jump right in. No past experience of using a VR head-mounted display (HMD) or title is required as Cat ‘S’ Trophy will ease players into the new way of playing. For example, the title allows users to build their own race tracks within Cat ‘S’ Trophy which helps to minimize the impact of motion sickness while playing.

Cat 'S' Trophy Artwork Level

It is worth noting as well that Cat ‘S’ Trophy is not just about cats driving around in racing karts as the cats themselves actually turn into the karts. With so many internet culture cats to reference as well, Cat ‘S’ Trophy has a number of lovable characters all of who are nods to popular cats such as Ceiling Cat. To add finish off the internet culture inspiration is the inclusion of cheeseburgers in the form of golden cheeseburgers.

Offering a fun and accessible gameplay mechanics, Cat ‘S’ Trophy is hoping to give players an experience that will make them not only have fun but also laugh out loud at the references and nods to internet culture. For those new to VR and those who have experience, Cat ‘S’ Trophy looks to be a title that anyone can pick up and enjoy.

Cat ‘S’ Trophy is set to release on Samsung Gear VR very soon, so those looking to experience some cat kart racing with a side of internet culture and references should not have to wait to long. You can see a trailer for the title below.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Cat ‘S’ Trophy in the future so stay tuned for more.