Bring Any PC Title Into VR With CLOVR

A team is seeking funding for a mobile app that will transform any PC game into a VR experience.

For virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts, it’s common to imagine what your favourite videogame might be like if you could bring it into VR. A Kickstarter campaign is aiming to bring this fantasy to reality with a project called CLOVR.

CLOVR is a mobile app that converts any PC title into a wireless VR experience, offering high-quality 60fps videogaming and 3DoF VR control.


The Malaysian team behind CLOVR say that the app uses GPU image re-targeting and advanced encoding to allow any PC title to be converted into a stereoscopic VR experience. In theory, if the PC is capable of running the videogame in question, CLOVR will be able to turn it into a VR experience.

The CLOVR team hope to be able to bridge the gap between older PC titles and modern VR gaming by using multithreaded data transmissions and the built-in gyroscope of a smartphone to provide 3DoF wireless VR.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the project has been launched, with the aim of raising £2,740 (GBP) in funding. Funding tiers range from only $2 (USD) to get a thank-you on the website, to $8 for a 1-year Early Bird access pass, which will get supporters early access to the CLOVR app and a full year of subscription once the app is released.

Higher funding tiers include $100 for a lifetime subscription, an exclusive CLOVR branded laptop sticker and a CLOVR t-shirt, $180 will get the backer a bundle of 1-year access passes for 20 users once the app releases, suitable for VR arcade or PC cafe proprietors. The top funding tier, at $250 will let the backer access to lower tier rewards plus a Skype conversation with the developers behind the project.


The Kickstarter campaign is due to end on 5th May, 2018. If successful, the CLOVR team hopes to deliver the app to backers by June 2018. Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page.

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