Bravo Team Releases ‘Immersion’ Trailer Ahead Of Release

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter Bravo Team has released a new trailer ahead of its release next week.

Bravo Team E32017 (3)

Developer Supermassive Games has been hard at work on first-person shooter (FPS) Bravo Team for some time now, creating an action-packed immersive experience for PlayStation VR owners. After being delayed from last December to March of this year, Bravo Team is only a few days away from release so it’s just the right time for a new trailer to drop. Players will be trapped in hostile territory and using the titles buddy system will need to work with their teammate in order to survive.

Bravo Team E32017 (1)

The new trailer, titled ‘Immersion‘ focuses on how players will be able to experience a heart-pounding, action packed adventure thanks to the PlayStation VR headset and the PlayStation Aim controller. Together, the two will allow players to feel right there in the thick of the action as Bravo Team fight through all manner of situations that can only be solved with bullets. With a variety of weapons at their disposal and complete freedom to move around the battlefield as they wish, making anything count as cover, players will feel their heart rate rising. It has already been confirmed that the title will be bundled with the PlayStation Aim controller meaning players will be able to experience the title as it is intended from the get go.

VRFocus‘ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham went hands-on with Bravo Team when it was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, saying in his preview: “Bravo Team feels like a safe bet. A by the numbers approach to VR FPS titles, offering more interactivity and tactical opportunities than the stationary John Wick Chronicles, but lacking that special something that makes these early reveals one to watch. The main draw of Bravo Team is going to be its buddy system, whether that’s enough for players remains to be seen.”

Bravo Team will be a PlayStation VR exclusive, arriving on 6th March for the US market and the 7th March for Europe. The latest trailer is available to watch just below.

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