Bracco Imaging Expand Portfolio With AR Solution

Bracco Imaging, one of the global leaders in diagnostic imaging has announced a new partnership with R.A.W. S.r.l which looks to bring augmented reality (AR) technology into Interventional Oncology procedures.

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One of the main challenges that clinicians face when carrying out an interventional procedures is the lack of visibility on a target deep within the human body. Continued efforts have been focused on producing higher resolution images, better navigation and image fusion tools. R.A.W. S.r.l. has developed a solution called Endosight that is a guidance system based on AR technology and sophisticated imaging software (Ablation-fit) to produce a 3D reconstruction, planning and diagnosis solution for mini-invasive Percutaneous Tumor Ablation procedures in Computed Tomography-based Interventional Oncology.

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Luigi Solbiati, Professor of Radiology at Humanitas University (Milan, Italy), Consultant of Interventional Radiology at Humanitas Research Hospital and Scientific Director at R.A.W. S.r.l. commented on the technology by stating: “In our clinical studies, Ablation-fit demonstrated a unique ability to predict recurrences beyond the eye perception of radiologist, In preclinical studies, Endosight demonstrated unparalleled performances that make it possible to “see through” the patient without the need for direct imaging support, thanks to the augmented reality. I have been developing imaging innovations for more than 30 years, and I consider Bracco’s innovative culture the best environment to make new methods grow and spread.”

Talking about the new partnership, Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Chief Executive Officer at Bracco Imaging said the following: “We’re delighted about this partnership as it will unleash new opportunities to address unmet medical needs in the field of Interventional Oncology, Endosight and Ablation-fit will further expand our portfolio of solutions with technologies that, I’m convinced, will significantly impact the clinician effectiveness during the procedure and the patient outcome.”

Currently set for an initial distribution in Europe by Bracco Imaging through its commercial network, Ablation-fit has the potential to dynamically change the way Interventional Oncology procedures in clinics around the world. The partnership between Bracco Imaging and R.A.W. S.r.l. is also sure to lead to further developments of AR technology for use within the medical sector.

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