Biting Satire The American Dream Shoots Towards Release Date

With the subject of gun control very much in the headlines, developer Samurai Punk are offering up its take on the issue with the dark, brutal satire on US gun culture with virtual reality (VR) title The American Dream.

The American Dream uses a classic model of satire where an idea is taken to a wildly illogical and ludicrous extreme. In this particular case, average, everyday tasks of typical American life must be accomplished using only the power of guns.

The American Dream screenshot

Featuring the vocal talents of respected voice actors Michael Dobson and Buddy Washington, players will need to puzzle out how exactly to accomplish such tasks as flipping burgers on a barbecue grill or changing a baby’s diaper using only a gun.

Users will have a range of guns available to choose from, from pistols to tactical sporting rifles, each offering unique properties that can help with solving the problem at hand, and thus ‘proving’ how guns can accomplish anything. Sporting an art style inspired by the advertisements and TV shows of the 1950s, in order to provide a sharper contrast between the biting satire and the cheerful facade of 50s Americana, The American Dream aims to deconstruct the business and culture surrounding weaponry in the USA.

The title will feature 20 stages, each featuring a typical moment or task of American life, along with a variety of guns that are the only tools you have available to solve the puzzle at hand. The developers at Samurai Punk are promising an experience that is simultaneously clever, heart-warming, action-packed and thought-provoking,

The American Dream will be heading to Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR on 14th March, 2018, where it will be priced at $19.99 (USD). Further news on The American Dream and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.