Bigscreen Releases New Update Improving Visual Fidelity

Today Bigscreen have announced a new update to help make the platform more immersive and realistic for users of the virtual reality (VR) application.


The major refresh will see the environments within Bigscreen getting improvements to their visual fidelity and immersion thanks to a new dynamic lighting system. The Home Theater, Grand Theater and Big Campfire will all see the benefits of this new hyper realistic lighting, which is similar to the Big Cinema environment that was released back in 2017 as part of the “Cinema Update”.

These improvements means that colour from the screen will fill the environments, with accurate reflections occurring as well. When the screen goes dark so to will the viewing environment creating a more believable experience and adding a more dynamic range of colours to the media. This has been asked for by users for sometime now so this news is sure to make many of them happy.

Elsewhere Bigscreen is many a number of improvements to mobile VR headset to help increase the performance of Bigscreen on these platforms. The developers have reduced the CPU render time of the Home Theater environment by 10x as one example of what the team are doing. These performance improvements are necessary in order to bring Bigscreen to mobile VR devices including the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go. Currently the mobile release of Bigscreen is in Alpha testing and if you are interested you can sign up to become a tester here.


Bigscreen has been continuing to develop new features for its users for some time now along with bring them new and exciting content to watch within the social viewing platform. Most recently was the chance for users to watch Stargate Origins within the application, as part of its ongoing movie night showings which have also features the likes of Top Gun 3D in the past as well.

With the “Big Rooms” update last year as well allowing for up to 12 people to hang out in one of the many locations and enjoy media together. The new improvements to the lighting and performance will surely be of a great benefit to those looking to host large social screenings, all while getting fully immersed in the moment.

For more on Bigscreen in the future, stay tuned to VRFocus.