BemoVR Aims to Help With Self-Improvement

Estonian startup has created a new virtual reality (VR) platform that it hopes will aid in changing the lives of millions of people for the better.

BemoVR provides the user with access to experiences in full 360-degree video that will aid them in improving themselves in a number of soft skills. These soft skills including things such as confidence boosting, relaxation techniques, critical thinking and even conflict resolution. The content available on BemoVR is designed to help a user improve one or more of these soft skills via motivation, relaxation or even spiritual, educational content. These sessions could be delivered in the form of a yoga class, for example.

BemoVR logo

The product has been developed by Estonian Entrepreneur Jörgen Laumets, who said he came up with the idea after looking for a more motivating and rewarding way to become more well-educated and healthy. By using Blockchain technology for content distribution and author security, BemoVR started to become a reality. With VR continuing to becoming a more accessible platform and already being used for a number of medical applications. It made sense for Jörgen Laumets to bring the idea to VR and help to educate and motivate himself and others with soft skill lessons.

“We are looking to fill the gap between larger scale VR usability and the lack of content, which we feel like can be filled with real-life VR footage that is relatively less expensive compared to the high-cost animated and digitally created environmentContent on the BemoVR can be purchased and sold in a marketplace as a subscription and on-demand service, similar to Netflix, but developed for 360-degree content on mobile devices, and with the intent of offering people self-improvement realities.” says Jörgen Laumets, commenting on the create of BemoVR.

BemoVR are currently opening the doors to any interested investors or investments that want to join they already existing group of investors. The platform is still in development and is planned to be released later this year will a mobile release hinted at as being ‘soon’.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on BemoVR in the future so make sure to keep reading.