Apache’s Jigsaw VR Experience to Make its UK Debut at the Future Tech Now Show

Horror fans across the US have been able to play a terrifying virtual reality (VR) experience at 38 malls across the county called the Jigsaw VR Experience. Created by Apache for VRX Networks, the title is set to make its UK debut next month during the Future Tech Now Show in London.

Jigsaw VR Experience 2

The Jigsaw VR Experience transports players into the world of the horror franchise to play Jigsaw’s final game. Just like the film they’ll have to solve puzzles, but if they fail, they run the risk of being dismembered in increasingly horrifying ways.

The videogame is single-player with the gamer against an AI opponent. They’ll find themselves strapped to a chair being pulled toward a range of swinging saw blades. They must navigate their way to the end of the room to a pressure pad. Whoever gets there first will have the choice to live or die. Live, and the competitor does not. Die and it’s game over.

Should players choose to live, they’ll move onto the next room. Here they must complete a puzzle box in order to unlock a key that will set them free. But the chain will continue to pull them towards a range of blades that will dismember them if they do not complete the task in time. Complete the task, the player wins and is set free. Do not complete the task and they’ll be relieved of their limbs.

Jigsaw VR Experience 3

Supported by PC hardware component company Cooler Master and Cube, who build and quality test the VR PCs, Apache  will be showcasing their latest products at the Future Tech Now Show Business Design Centre, London, on 5-7 April. The show will be open to businesses on the 5 & 6th and the public on the 7th. The event will also feature an immersive Art & Fashion Gallery, Digital Gym, Hospital 2.0, Shard VR Slide, Vocktail Bar, 360 Movie House and much more.

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