Anvio VR Opens New Venue in London

With full-body virtual reality (VR) experiences becoming more popular then ever, Moscow based company Anvio VR have announced that they have expanded their operation and opened a venue in London.

City Z 01

After the success of their first full-body VR title, City Z, Anvio VR looked to not only bring more experiences to the visitors but also expand to new locations to bring this technology to new audiences. Now, after a successful run in Moscow the company have opened a new venue in London which allows those in the UK a chance to drive into not one but two full-body VR experiences. This includes the City Z experience in which players will be giving a gun peripheral along with a sword and must face off against hordes of the undead in a fast paced, action packed combat situation that is sure to test your skills. Also available is the newly released puzzle adventure title, Lost Sanctuary which focuses more on puzzle solving and traversing the environment rather than combat.

Lost Sanctuary Hero

To those unfamiliar with full-body VR experiences, they allow a user to step beyond the lines of reality and virtual space and become completely immersed in the moment. With an Oculus Rift head mounted display (HMD), body tracking and no wires combined with the large, open space that Anvio VR has users are giving complete and total freedom. This means that a user can move around without the worry of space or cable length and even reach out to touch their group members that are right beside them. Thanks to the technology that Anvio VR use as well, all of this is possible with no latency and with support for up to four players.

Located just north of Kensington in the Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Queensway, those in or around London will find it easy to get to the venue and jump right in. Bookings must be made online and can be for groups of two, three or four people with prices ranging from £65 (GBP), £97.50 and £130 respectively.

Recently a number of other full-body VR experiences have made their way to London including that of Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire which puts visitors into the beloved sci-fi world like never before.

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