Ancient Amuletor Releases ‘Blossom Dance’ DLC

Developer Time of Virtual Reality (TVR) have released their second DLC pack for their virtual reality (VR) title Ancient Amuletor on PlayStation VR.

Ancient Amuletor Blossom Dance 01

Ancient Amuletor is a tower defense title set in an ancient world where players must do battle with magical creatures, monsters and other legendary foes in single-player and cooperative multiplayer for up to three people. In the latest DLC pack titled Blossom Dance, players will be able to play a Chiyo, a young mysterious samurai who may look charming with her tails but is deadly with her blade and therefore a formidable fighter.

Ancient Amuletor Blossom Dance 01

Along with the addition of Chiyo players will be able to enjoy some new maps and new enemies including the Ballon Goblin and Glider Goblin. On top of that there is a new boss in the title which comes in the form of the legendary Kraken joining the opposition. Players will need to make use of all their weapons and skills in order to survive the new challenges that await them in the Blossom Dance DLC pack.

The first DLC pack that was released for Ancient Amuletor was the ‘Into The Ice‘ pack which brought with it two new maps and a new hero, Kane the Viking. This warrior of the North embraced the Nordic theme and was a larger-than-life fighter who would throw weapons at his enemies. Kane was the fifth hero to be introduced to the title and now, Chiyo is the sixth.

VRFocus reviewed Ancient Amuletor with Staff Writer Rebecca Hills-Duty saying: “Ancient Amuletor is a fun way to kill a few hours, with some simple, intuitive combat and enough interesting innovations to keep it fresh. Along with the lovely graphics making it nice to look at.”

Currently Ancient Amuletor is available on PlayStation VR for the price of £14.99 (GBP) with both the Into The Ice and Blossom Dance DLC packs available as a bundle for only £1.99 (GBP). The Into The Ice DLC pack is available on it’s own as well, for the same price as the two packs bundled together. You can see the Blossom Dance DLC, and Chiyo, in action in the below trailer.

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