You Are Iron Man With AR HeroVision Headset

One of the nice things about the rapid progress of immersive technology such as augmented reality (AR) is how it is starting to catch up with the science fiction. You might be hard-pressed to find someone of a geek persuasion who didn’t want to play with Tony Stark’s tech, and soon the next best thing will be available using the power of AR with Hero Vision.

As part of the merchandise tie-in push for the upcoming blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, the Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience is an AR headset device created to resemble Iron Man’s helmet. Donning the headset lefts users see the world with an AR overlay resembling the enhanced heads-up display from the movies, along with a videogame adventure to defend the world from Thanos and his forces.

The headset synchs to an app available for select Android and iOS smartphones. Along with the headset/helmet, the set also comes with some hand-trackers and other tracker markers that need to be scattered around the area you are playing in. Once this is done, the attack begins, with the hand-trackers then corresponding to the famous repulser gauntlets, meaning users merely have to raise their hands palm-out to a target to shoot it down, or move your hand towards your face, palm inwards, to raise and strengthen your personal shields . Special items occasionally become available to offer special power-ups or other abilities, such as the titular Infinity Stones themselves.

The AR experience doesn’t follow the plot of the Avengers: Infinity War movie that closely, though Hasbro have promised some Easter Eggs for the film and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general will be present for players to discover.

The Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience is planned to retail for $49.99 (USD) and will be released sometime in Spring 2018, in order to tie in to Avengers: Infinity War, which will get a US released on 4th May, 2018.

Further news on the Hero Vision AR product or other VR or AR movie tie-in products will be right here on VRFocus.