Yaw VR Motion Simulator Hits Kickstarter Funding Goal [Update]

Last month tech startup Yaw VR launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a compact motion simulator of the same name. Today, the funding round beat its target of £108,079 GBP with 16 days left to go.

yaw vr motion simulator

The Yaw VR motion simulator is a compact device designed to make virtual reality (VR) videogames even more immersive by twisting and rotating players. Supporting headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Yaw VR is perfect for those situations where space is at a premium, with the entire device folding away into a neat storage solution – as the GIF above demonstrates – with a diameter of 29 inches and a height of 15 inches when folded, weighting in at just 33 lbs.

Currently, the campaign has managed to raise £112,971 with the Early Bird offer of $890 USD/ £641 now sold out. The best offer still running for a single Yaw VR is the Special Edition Early Bird at $1,190/£857. Backers of the Special Edition will get the Yaw VR Pro version, which is the same as Yaw VR, but designed for extreme intensive use. Plus you can choose a custom colour or pattern, have your name painted on the shell and embroidered on the seat.

Designed to not only spin 360-degrees but also move 50 degrees on the horizontal axis, the Yaw VR team has tested the device to take players up to at least 150 kg (330 lbs). While the The adjustable foot holder gives you the maximum comfort between 120 cm (3’11”) and 190 cm (6’3″) height.


Perfect for racing videogames or flight simulators, currently the team has designed the foot holder and a joystick holder. There will be further accessory holders created, so players can use steering wheel, pedals (it’ll be similar to the foot holder) and shifters should they want to. No stretch goals have been announced just yet but Yaw VR has confirmed they are coming, which would be ideal for extras like the holders.

Yaw VR might not be cheap but it has certainly proven popular – VRFocus was impressed when we saw it at CES 2018. As the campaign continues and further updates revealed, VRFocus will keep you informed.

Update: Yaw VR has now added a $200,000 stretch goal to its campaign, giving the standard edition a custom colour and the Yaw VR Pro back and headrest support.