With ONU 3DLite Developers can Convert and Optimise CAD Files in the Cloud

For developers who work with CAD files, Detroit-based startup ONU has announced the launch of ONU 3DLite, a cloud-based 3D visual platform designed to seamlessly convert and optimize CAD files.

ONU 3DLite - Reverie

Using the new software, engineers, designers, and digital content creators can use CAD files to create all the visual content they need for use on 3D Web, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or mobile-based platforms.

“Manufacturers design products in CAD, but those files don’t easily translate to visuals that can be displayed on a mobile device, let alone in a web browser, virtual reality headset, or augmented reality glasses,” said Sam Sesti, President of ONU in a statement. “ONU 3DLite changes that. Our easy to use tools automate processes that were previously manual, and significantly streamlines 3D asset creation. Native CAD files can be turned into low poly FBX files in just minutes. In addition to making asset creation really easy, it’s also very affordable. We’re excited to share ONU 3DLite with the world.”

ONU 3DLite works by creators loading native CAD data onto the cloud-based platform which is then automatically converted to a high quality polygonal mesh in minutes, with up to 100x density reduction. Working with most major CAD formats, the platform’s level of detail adjustor and defeature detector tools allow content designers to precisely reduce additional density while instantly viewing the impact on asset quality. The files can then be easily exported to FBX format for use in tools like Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Modo, ZBrush, Keyshot, Unity and Unreal.

ONU 3DLite optimisation

“The secret to creating 3D assets for real-time rendering is finding the right balance between visual quality, density and development cost,” adds Sesti. “Finding the ideal balance is precisely where ONU 3DLite excels. Whether for AR, VR, web or mobile environments, digital content creators can build the perfect asset with an incredible 99% reduction in asset creation time.”

Head to the official website to learn more about ONU 3DLite or sign up for a free trial. Once the trial has expired after 30 days pricing starts from $99 USD per month for the standard package or $499 per month for the unlimited package. For the latest updates on VR and AR development, keep reading VRFocus.