Wilson! Survive Your own Shipwreck in Island Time VR This Spring

Flight School Studio, the team behind surreal virtual reality (VR) narrative experience Manifest 99 has announced its next project, a slightly more light-hearted survival adventure called Island Time VR. 

Island Time VR screenshot1

Ever watched TV series like Bear Grylls The Island or movies such as Castaway and thought you could handle being shipwrecked on a desert island? Well soon you’ll be able to practice without any danger whatsoever thanks to Island Time VR on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Finding yourself on a small desert island with a few items littered about, you’ll need to use your wit and ingenuity to make use of what you find to craft tools to help you eat, or fend off pesky predators. As you await rescue – or try to signal for help – you’ll find your not alone as Carl the Crab is on hand to help out and make sure you’re not going crazy talking to a ball – although you are conversing with a talking crab.

Island Time VR is comprised of an event system that determines when and what amounts of resources are made available to players. Survivors then use their expertise to perform tasks to stay alive until resources are restocked. As this is all against the clock you’ll need to be careful not to starve or set yourself on fire in the process.

Island Time VR screenshot2

Island Time VR is a comedy survival game where you play on an island the size of a coffee table,” said Adam VolkerCreative Director at Flight School Studio in a statement. “The game’s difficulty curve and secrets are designed to be discovered over multiple playthroughs. The player might craft a new item or find new foodstuffs they haven’t seen before. This trial and error is what teaches players to survive as long as they can.

Flight School Studio hasn’t set a release date just yet for Island Time VR, just that it’ll be this spring on PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive and Steam VR. Island Time VR will get its first public outings at this year’s SXSW and at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018. For any further updates from the team, keep reading VRFocus.