Want More Games for PlayStation VR? 5 New Titles are Launching Tomorrow

For PlayStation VR owners looking for a new virtual reality (VR) title to immerse themselves in, this week will feature five releases, featuring brain taxing puzzles, sweat inducing sports and more. Due for launch tomorrow are: Drunkn Bar Fight, CubeWorks, Knockout League, Pop-Up Pilgrims and Sprint Vector.

First up is Drunkn Bar Fight by The Munky. Originally arriving via Steam Early Access in November 2016, the PC version supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality, and tomorrow PlayStation VR gets in on the action. The title of the videogame really does say it all, you’re in a bar and it’s time to cause some chaos. Punch people in the face, throw chairs across the room, smash the odd bottle or two, Drunkn Bar Fight has been designed as a quick action party experience, ideal when you have a few mates round.

For those players after a VR title which is a little more brain taxing there’s CubeWorks. Another experience that’s done the rounds on PC VR headsets first, CubeWorks features over 20 stages of fully three-dimensional puzzle solving. Players need to link cubes together, building multipliers and points. As they do so they’ll be able to unlock new abilities, condition and pieces to expand the gameplay.

Adding a sporting element to the list is Knockout League, a single-player boxing game built specifically for VR. Players will stand toe-to-toe with a range of fighters, using their body to intuitively move, dodge and fight. There will be a range of fighters to face, each with their own particular style. There’s Tri-Tip – a Brazilian bruiser with tenderizing fists of fury; Crimson Fang –a warrior princess with an ancient mystical mask; Scurvy Jones – a scourge of the seven seas alongside his trusty parrot Petey; and Sir Octopunch – a prim and proper powerhouse with plenty of gloves to beware of.

Sprint Vector Keyart_1

Dakko Dakko’s Pop-Up Pilgrims is the only PlayStation VR exclusive this week, a devious 2D puzzler which is an adaption of one of its PlayStation Vita titles – Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims. The task is simple, it’s up to players to guide the pilgrims through hostile worlds, getting them to safety as quickly as possible, all the while avoiding demonic forces.

Last but not least is Survios’ Sprint Vector, the big name title that most of you should’ve heard of. Launched last week on PC, Sprint Vector is an adrenaline filled, competitive racer with 8 contestants competing in a game show. To learn more about the title and what VRFocus thought of the PC version, you may want to read this five-star review. All these titles launch tomorrow for PlayStation VR. As for any further releases, keep reading VRFocus.