VR Shooter Gunheart Releases Winter Update

The recent Winter Update to Gunheart has brought with it a number of changes that will make the co-op shooter all that more enjoyable and entertaining.

Gunheart screenshot

Built from the ground up for virtual reality (VR), Gunheart is a co-op shooter where players take on the role of robotic bounty hunters trying to make a fortune at the edge of the galaxy. This is done by battling through the bug infested frontier, blasting anything that moves and exploring rich locations, to complete bounties and earn cash to upgrade their rig. With the addition of the Winter Update, players will find a lot more bang for their buck thanks to numerous weapon changes and improvements.

Weapons are getting a progression system that will make each one feel more unique as you level them up from prolonged use. Mods will also ensure that players find each weapon more exciting, improving hit reactions and death animations which result in more satisfying kills. The Money Pumps in the videogame have also been revamped, giving players more strategy and interaction along with reducing the amount of down time during the game mode. Finally, as with any update, there are plenty of bug fixes and optimizations included to hopefully give players a smoother experience.

Gunheart screenshot 1

The full patch for the update are as follows:

  • Weapon leveling: unlock new and unique bonuses for your favorite weapons by using them successfully in combat.
  • Bonus challenges: new challenge system added to reward you with extra loot for completing the objectives across missions!
  • Default weapon mods: all weapons now have a signature modification that is applied as long as you have an open mod slot, increasing their utility as soon as you acquire them and offering more options as you unlock additional slots.
  • Money pumps overhaul: game mode has been revamped to offer much more strategy and interaction for players. It’s way more intense now, less down time, and a really great place to earn some extra cash + loot.
  • Hit reactions and death animations: we’ve spent a lot of time improving the responsiveness of dealing damage to enemies, improving the overall feel of combat fairly dramatically. Weapons such as the shotgun now have a much more satisfying blast back when landing the killing blow on an enemy.
  • Combo weapon re-balance: we’ve loosened the consumption rate on ammo and increased the odds of finding ammo throughout missions to ensure you have more opportunity to utilize your combo weapons.
  • CPU Optimizations: an experimental object culling technique has been added to improve CPU performance, especially notable on CPUs that may be previously bottlenecked on single core performance.
  • Buckets of bug fixes and tweaks to improve the overall experience!

Gunheart is currently available on Steam Early Access and via the Oculus store. It supports the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality (MR) along with a range of play area configurations. If you want to know more about Gunheart you can read the VRFocus preview of the title.

Developer Drifter Entertainment released a short video where Creative Director Brian Murphy talks about some of the highlights from the update, which you can see for yourself below.

For more updates on Gunheart in the future, keep it reading VRFocus.