VR Detective Title A Most Curious Murder Coming to Gear VR Next Week

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It’s not often that VRFocus finds a virtual reality (VR) title that mixes both virtual worlds with that of real content. Yet Swedish videogame and documentary production studio Impact Unified has done just that in partnership with VR and augmented reality (AR) studio UNLTD, creating detective title A Most Curious Murder. After being impressed by the gameplay, it has been announced today that Oculus has recently acquired the experience for the Gear VR, with a launch scheduled for next week.

A Most Curious Murder

Gaining access to a police station, players need to solve a murder case by finding evidence and watching surveillance video. They’ll need to search the station for evidence, taking screenshots of interesting events and suspicious activities found in the videos, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle as evidence and then gradually unfold the activities leading up to the murder. While the police station itself is a rendered virtual world, all the videos are live action, giving that sense of realism to the experience.

As players wander the station they’ll need to figure out how to access the computers, the computers that a friend is convinced houses the surveillance videos from the night of the murder. Could there be more? There might be items from the murder scene somewhere in the police station that the police have overlooked so a thorough search is required.

Because of the need for exploration Impact Unified claims to have created an innovative locomotion system that is best played standing as it requires players to walk on the spot. “Our game features a unique locomotion system, in our extensive user trials we found this is what greatly reduces VR motion sickness and improves immersion,” said Simon Hultgren, CEO Impact Unified in a statement.

A Most Curious Murder

“We’re very excited to be releasing “A Most Curious Murder” with Oculus. It was a fantastic collaboration with Simon and the team at Impact Unified and we look forward to releasing more episodes in the very near future! ” adds John Hamilton, CEO UNLTD.

A Most Curious Murder will be available for Gear VR on Friday the 9th February 2018. For any further updates from the teams, keep reading VRFocus.

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