Trying to Preview Apex Construct Whilst Dying a lot

Quite often VRFocus previews virtual reality (VR) titles that are in early access, either on Steam or sometimes Oculus Home. Then there are events where all you’re given is a quick five minute peek at potential projects. Very occasionally however, VRFocus will be sent a preview build, something that’s still a little rough around the edges but gives a good impression of the experience. That happened when Fast Travel Games were kind enough to send Apex Construct over for preview, a title that made it onto the Best HTC Vive Games Coming in 2018.


And it certainly did impress, all you need to do is check out VRFocus’ main preview to learn more about what we thought of this sci-fi adventure.

Today though, it’s all about the gameplay video that was shot whilst previewing the title. Suffice it to say the video isn’t some of my best work, in fact, I die so much that I wonder if I’m playing the same videogame. The video is of my second playthrough of this particular area and the first time was a breeze, killing those robotic critters with one shot. Of course that wasn’t to be when I came back for another run through and to record the damn video.

This time I was met with far more hostile and dangerous enemies, one’s that not only took more hits but also seemed to deal more damage. Now I needed to use all that i’d learnt, quick bow action, shield reflexes and good evasion skills to out wit and kill them. Let’s just say not everything went to plan.

That’s no detriment to the videogame however, just my gameplay skills. Seeing this work in progress version Apex Construct definitely gearing up to be one of biggest VR experiences of 2018, and VRFocus will be keenly awaiting its arrival.