Trophy List for Moss Revealed, Includes Platinum Trophy

The upcoming release of Moss, the PlayStation VR title in which players guide the young mouse Quill through a fantasy world has had it’s trophy list revealed.

Moss screenshot

Moss will include plenty of trophies for players to unlock and even comes with a Platinum Trophy for those of you looking to one hundred percent the title. Developed by Polyarc, Inc. the title is among one of the most anticipated releases for PlayStation VR having originally been set for launch back in December 2017, but is now releasing this month. One of the most standout features within Moss is that Quill will communicate with the player via sign language, encouraging players to pay close attention to their new found friend.

You can read the complete trophy list below, including the Platinum, but do remember that some of these may contain spoilers for the story of Moss.

Moss screenshot

Moss Trophy List: 


  • Together We’re Twofold – Collect all other Moss Trophies.


  • What Remains of Power – Collect all of the Relic Dust.
  • An Unlikely Hero – Defeat the serpent Sarffog.
  • A Forged Maestro – Destroy two or more Screecher enemies with a controlled Ticker.
  • Protector of the Realm – Rescue Argus without a single death.
  • The Author’s Plan – Collect all of the forgotten fragments.
  • A Promising Beginning – Finish the first book of Moss.


  • Clever Shooting – Destroy a Forged enemy with a controlled Scorcher.
  • A Sacred Oath – Light the torches of the Knights of the Sun.
  • Thorn in Our Side – Guide Quill to destroy multiple thorn patches.
  • Hedge Knight – Use Quill’s sword to cut down a lot of grass.
  • Ghostface Crushah – Use you power as a Reader to break many objects.
  • Dust Collector II – Collect a large amount of Relic Dust.
  • Creative Cliffhanger – Find a low-hanging path to the town pub.
  • Battle for Control – Take control over many Forged enemies.


  • The Ascent – Climb to the castle bridge alongside Quill.
  • The Abandoned City – Enter the Abandoned City alongside Quill.
  • Namelhook Mining Co. – Enter the Namelhook Mining cave alongside Quill.
  • The Mire Temple – Enter the Mire Temple alongside Quill.
  • The Impassable Mire – Follow the Starthing and Quill into the impassable Mire.
  • The Clearing – Enter the Clearing alongside Quill.
  • An Arcane Key – Unlock the path to the Mire Temple’s altar room.
  • Tools of the Enemy – Use a Screecher to unlock the path forward.
  • Idiurus Macrotis – Destroy a Forged enemy with an aerial attack.
  • I’m not scared! – Startle Quill from behind.
  • Nice work, friend! – Give Quill a high five.
  • Don’t Pet the Animals – Annoy Quill by delaying the adventure.
  • The First Trial – Defeat the Screechers first encountered in the Mire.
  • Thank you. – Use your power as a Reader to heal Quill for the first time.
  • A Fragment of Fate – Discover your first forgotten fragment.
  • Dust Collector I – Collect a small amount of Relic Dust.
  • Pub Smash! – Break everything within the town pub that can be broken.

Moss is releasing on 27th February, 2018 on PlayStation VR. If you want to know more about the title, why not check out VRFocus’ preview of Moss by Editor Kevin Joyce.

For more on Moss stay tuned to VRFocus.