This is how you Take Down Space Insurgents on End Space

For those that like to head out among the stars, whether that’s to learn about the cosmos or to build a galactic empire that obeys your every whim, virtual reality (VR) developers have got you covered. If you happen to own an Oculus Rift then the latest space-based adventure comes form Orange Bridge Studios with its combat title End Space. Naturally VRFocus has reviewed the experience and now its time to show you some of the gameplay footage captured on the missions.


End Space is a single-player experience that originally started life on Samsung Gear VR before finding its way to PlayStation VR and now Oculus Rift. The story revolves around you piloting the United Trade Consortium’s Minos Starfighter, looking to keep control of the Tartarus sector. You must protect the UTC’s secret jump-drive technology from Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents at all costs, maintaining dominance in the sector.

For this gameplay video VRFocus has already begun to clear out several levels, showcasing part of the videogame a little way in. Here you’ll see how the ship flies using the Oculus Touch controllers rather than a gamepad, mainly because all Oculus Rift’s now ship with the motion controllers. Dog fights can be fast and furious, requiring nimble use of the break and boost buttons to out manoeuvre enemies and get them in the ships gun sights. End Space now features gaze-based control for the main guns, allowing for independent flight and shooting if you’re good enough. The guns reticule also serves as the lock-on for the missiles, which auto recharge once depleted for an infinite supply.

Check out VRFocus’ 4-star review for further details on what we thought of Orange Bridge Studios first Oculus Rift experience. As always, keep reading VRFocus for the latest updates from the developer and for more awesome gameplay videos.