Take a Leisurely Cruise in VR Regatta – The Sailing Game

Having spent more than a year on Steam Early Access, developer MarineVerse has now fully launched its sailing simulator VR Regatta – The Sailing Game, expanding support from HTC Vive to Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

VR Regatta - The Sailing Game screenshot2

VR Regatta aims to be the most realistic way of sailing in virtual reality (VR),  putting players aboard authentic sailboats that need to be controlled through careful manipulation of the sail and the rudder. A detailed tutorial will teach the basics, but then the possibilities are as broad as the ocean itself: explore, race, take on challenge modes, advance your sailing career, and even join a multiplayer crew.

Players will be able to explore the Akalana Islands, an idyllic Caribbean location offering sunrise, daytime, sunset & night sailing around bays, lush islands and open seas. Or then head to The Windy Islands in the scorching equatorial region to test those sailing skills. There are three different boats each designed to suit varying skill levels as players take on the different modes

“I believe virtual reality can greatly enhance sailing training, be a great way for all ‘landlocked’ sailors to stay connected to their hobby and introduce more people to sailing,” said Greg Dziemidowicz, Co-Founder of MarineVerse in a statement.

VR Regatta - The Sailing Game screenshot3

VR Regatta – The Sailing Game is available through Steam with a limited time discount. Until 6th February the videogame comes with a 15 percent discount, droppin gthe cost no matter which headset you own from £10.99 GBP down to £9.34.

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